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Welcome to DGX fitness concept!

We are specialists in smiles and providers of that freedom feeling.

Qualified fitness personal trainers - creating a smile and changing the mind. With the added bonus of body transformation, fat loss and muscle strengthening.

Dear friends, if it is you or you know someone who wants to feel better and younger, loose that extra pound or two or ten, gain muscles in the right places and generally be fit with a smile and without stress, feel free to write, call or fax us, send us telegrams or carrier pigeons and we will do our best to make it all happen together.

...and until we meet personally in the gym, you will always find some interesting facts about excercise, nutrition, motivational and other related posts on our DGX fan page on FB.
The page is currently serving our Slovak customers, we will of course happily provide you with exercise programmes and nutritional coaching in English.

If your goal is to improve your self-perception - by movement, excercise, good vibrations - get in touch with us here, on FB, by phone or email, even through telepathy, choose your way. Direct contact details are on top of this page.